Periodontal Care
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Periodontal care. Sounds like something that has to do with skin, right? However, periodontal care has nothing to do with the skin. Instead, it has to do with your gums. You may only think about your gums every once in a while, but they are very important to the health of your entire jaw. That’s why taking care of them is so important. Don’t know why we worry about your gums? Let Lincoln Center Smiles us tell you why periodontal care is so important.

Periodontal - What Does That Mean?

Periodontal is a fancy word that means anything having to do with any structure that surrounds teeth or supports teeth. Maybe you thought that the most important part of your mouth was your teeth. Without teeth, you can’t chew. However, your teeth are like a piece of clothing in your closet. Without a hanger or a hook to hold the clothing up, it would fall right on the floor. Your teeth are the same way. Without your jawbone and gums, your teeth would fall out of your skull. That’s why periodontal care is so important. Periodontal care focuses specifically on your gums.

Should I Worry About My Gums?

In a word, yes. You need to worry about your gums. If you don’t take care of your gums, they can become diseased. You already know that bacteria on your teeth can make holes in your teeth over time. Those holes can lead to cavities and tooth loss, not to mention sitting through a possible root canal.<.span>

However, your gums can also be in trouble from an excess of bacteria in your mouth. If tartar and plaque buildup on your gums, they can cause an infection. That infection of your gums can lead to redness and swelling. If it is left untreated, that bacteria creates pockets in between your teeth and gums. Gum disease can cause you to not only lose your gum tissue but your teeth as well. One of the biggest reasons people have to get dentures or implants is because of gum disease.

The good news is, you can prevent a lot of gum disease yourself. You can do that by brushing and flossing regularly and getting regular checkups. When you brush and floss, you are brushing away a lot of that bad bacteria that causes trouble in the first place.

How Can I Get Periodontal Care?

Usually, we will check your gums when we check your teeth. While you’re in the chair, it wouldn’t hurt for you to tell us if your gums are bleeding when you brush or floss. You also need to let us know if you have other symptoms of possible gum disease, such as loose teeth. We will measure your gums as well during your dental visit, to see if they have receded.

If you don’t have any symptoms of periodontal disease, that is all the care you need. If you are having symptoms of periodontal disease, you may have to come in for additional treatments. Do you still have questions about periodontal care? Give Lincoln Center Smiles a call at (503) 598-0898. We would love to answer any questions you have about your smile.

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Periodontal Care | Lincoln Center Smiles - Dentist Tigard, OR
Whether or not you have periodontal disease, gum health is very important to the health of your entire jaw. Lincoln Center Smiles can help you make sure your gums stay in peak condition. Call (971) 317-9499 today.
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