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Rendering of jaw with dental bridge at Lincoln Center Smiles in Portland, ORReplacing a lost tooth is essential, not just to restore your smile and appearance, but to also preserve your oral health. Most of us take the ability to eat, speak, and smile for granted - until it is lost or compromised. The good news is that a simple dental appliance, like a partial fixed dental bridge, can work wonders for your oral health and function. In your research partial fixed bridges, you may have also come across the term "dental prosthesis." The main difference between the two is that partial fixed bridges, as the term suggests, are fixed, while partial dentures are removable. However, they are both very effective for replacing a lost tooth. A partial fixed dental bridge has one or more artificial teeth fused with crowns. Thorough scans of your jawbone structure will be required to create personalized fixed dental bridges. At Lincoln Center Smiles, our expert dentists Dr.Brian Saklofsky, DMD and will ensure that the dental bridge is securely and comfortably installed in its place. The material of choice for dental bridges is usually gold or alloy - both of which are very durable and long-lasting.

How Long Does a Partial Fixed Bridge Last?

On average, partial dentures have been shown to last longer than partial fixed bridges by about three years. But with good care and maintenance, you should be able to get more life out of your partial fixed bridge. Both bridges and dentures are vulnerable to getting broken and may require multiple visits to experienced dentists to make adjustments as necessary. Replacements for partial fixed bridges may be required after seven to 10 years of use.

Are Partial Fixed Bridges Right for Me?

The answer mostly depends on your overall oral health and personal preferences. Some patients may prefer the temporary nature of removable dentures, while others may find the install-and-forget convenience of partial fixed bridges. Your oral health is also a major factor in deciding if partial fixed bridges are right for you. We recommend consulting with our dentists for suggestions on which option is best for you.

Opting for a Dental Crown Instead of Bridges

A dental crown is suitable if you have a damaged tooth that is still securely anchored in place. In most cases, we recommend preserving your real tooth instead of discarding it. A dental crown can restore the natural function of your tooth. You can easily repair a heavily damaged tooth with dental crowns. But a partial fixed bridge may be a better option for you if you are dealing with several missing teeth. Ultimately, the final aim of any dental prosthesis is to increase the ease of eating, speaking, and restoring your natural smile. These functions may be difficult if you have broken or missing teeth. A partial fixed bridge will fill any missing gaps so that it is similar to having the original tooth. Getting used to the partial fixed dental bridge may require some time. At first, you may be asked to eat softer foods that are cut into smaller pieces. For more information, call (971) 317-9499 and consult with our experienced dentists.

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At Lincoln Center Smiles, if you are missing multiple adjacent teeth, we may recommend a partial fixed bridge. Click here to learn more.
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