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How Teething Jewelry Can Make a Parents Life Easier

Posted on 9/21/2020 by Dr. Saklofsky
Teething is difficult. While it's obviously difficult for babies, growing those beautiful little pearly whites and having them push through the gums, it can be difficult for parents as well. Knowing how to ease your child's pain, navigating all of the different over the counter medicines and home remedies can be overwhelming. We're here to help make your life a little easier for you and your baby. Teething Necklaces What is a teething necklace? It's a piece of jewelry that a parent can wear and let the baby chew on to help ease the pain and discomfort of teething. Keep in mind, there is jewelry available for babies to wear, but we do not recommend that as it can become tangled around your baby's neck. We're talking about jewelry for Mom (or dad) that can be worn. Unlike a traditional teething toy, a teething necklace is designed to soothe and comfort your baby while they are held safely in your arms. They work similarly to traditional teething toys, but they're designed to be worn with an outfit of mom's. A practical fashion accessory! Are Teething Necklaces Safe? Depending on the type of material you choose for your teething necklace, they are perfectly safe. We suggest looking for necklaces made out of food grade silicone or any nontoxic material. There are wooden necklaces available, be sure to check if they're finished with natural oils instead of varnish or lacquer, as these can harm your baby. Wooden necklaces will also need to be checked regularly for splintering, splitting or breakage. Whatever you choose to compliment your outfit, remember, this is a temporary discomfort for you and your baby. As soon as those first teeth erupt, give our office a call and we'll schedule your child for a checkup. Good luck and please call us today with any questions you may have....

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