Benefits of Retainers

Posted on 8/8/2022 by Dr. Saklofsky
Benefits of RetainersOnce your dentist removes braces from your teeth, that's the start of another critical phase of maintaining your teeth' position to ensure the desired result is achieved. Retainers are used as the final phase of orthodontic treatment, and the orthodontic will encourage you to adhere to good dental hygiene while on them.

Retainers Eliminate Bacteria Presence in the Mouth

Wearing retainers maintains straight teeth that are easy to clean and reduces plaque build-up. Plaque accumulation in the mouth is associated with dental diseases such as tooth decay and cavities. Therefore, while on retainers, you can brush your teeth efficiently and flush away bacteria causing cavities hence qualified dental health. Furthermore, straight teeth enhance proper chewing and grinding, which propels saliva production. Saliva is crucial in one's mouth as it inhibits bacteria activities which are responsible for most dental problems.

Retainers Mean No Diabetes Infections

Experts have linked dental complications with diabetes infections as they claim their severity leads to the transfer of the problems to other parts of the body. Therefore, wearing retainers means straight teeth, which eliminates the chances of poor dental care. Your body can fight against all bacteria invasions hence counteract diabetes-related ailments. What else can you ask for? Follow your dentist's instructions as far as wearing and taking good care of retainers is concerned.

Improves Breathing and Speech Impediments

Retainers for kids have been associated with aiding them with breathing, especially while asleep. While their main aim stems from teeth positioning and adjustments, they solve problems resulting from snoring at night. Furthermore, retainers help kids during their speech development. Retainers enable kids to place their tongues properly hence improving their vocabulary development.

Our dentists are well versed with retainers fitting procedures, so when you need them, visit our offices for quality services. Contact us today and book an appointment with our team.

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