Caring For a Chipped or Broken Tooth

Posted on 8/22/2022 by Dr. Saklofsky
Caring For a Chipped or Broken ToothTeeth are a vital part of the body that facilitate food chewing while eating. People with no teeth face a lot of challenges during eating, and for this reason, people are advised to take care of their teeth to prevent them from chipping or breaking. Broken teeth are caused by eating hard objects that cannot be broken by the teeth or wearing out the tooth enamel. Some of the chip's effects on broken teeth are pain around the chipped tooth and swollen gums.

How to relieve pain in a chipped tooth

The patient should use warm water to flush their mouth and put cold compresses on the outside area every few minutes to prevent swelling. Additionally, take over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications and anti-inflammatories as needed, but don't exceed the suggested dosage. Similarly, our dentists recommend clove oil containing eugenol, relieving pain and swelling. Additionally, one should eat soft food and avoid using the affected side when chewing.

Tooth bonding or filling

If a small piece of the tooth enamel is chipped off, the dentist repairs the tooth by filling it. A bonding process occurs when the dentist scrapes the tooth surface with a liquid to make it rough and ensure the bonding material sticks. After shaping it, ultraviolet light is used to harden and dry the material.

Dental veneers

A dental veneer helps a fractured front tooth look complete and healthy again. Your dentist will smooth away a portion of the tooth's enamel to create room for the veneer before placing it. A dental veneer is a thin shell of tooth-colored ceramic or resin composite material that covers the whole front of the tooth, with a more significant piece to replace the damaged component of the tooth. We foster healthy dental care; hence book an appointment with our experienced team for more information on caring for chipped or broken teeth.
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