What are the benefits of wearing a mouthguard for contact sports?

Posted on 1/24/2022 by Dr. Saklofsky
What are the benefits of wearing a mouthguard for contact sports?Protecting your oral health is a vital undertaking that will protect you from dental issues and emergencies. For instance, if you are an athlete involved in a contact sport such as soccer, rugby, boxing, and basketball, you need to take precautionary measures to shield your dental health. These sports are rigorous and it is common for you to get a blow to your face when representing your team. The blow to your face can be a serious issue because you can lose a tooth, break your jaw, injure your gums and lips. This is where a mouthguard comes in handy.

Helps you protect your teeth

The design of a mouthguard is that it acts as a shock absorber, and will therefore lessen the blow to your teeth. You will therefore avoid the scenario that you lose your tooth while engaged in an entertaining match.

Protects your gums and soft tissues in your mouth

Mouthguards are also important in providing maximum protection to your gums and other soft tissues of your mouth such as the tongue. With shock-absorbing properties, you will not be hurt when you get hit by an opposing player.

Get customized mouthguards from our offices

Because a mouthguard is that vital for your oral health if you are an athlete, it is important to get a personalized one for your needs. A customized mouthguard is made from an imprint of your dental structure, ensuring that you are comfortable wearing them throughout a match.

Visit our clinic to get your personalized mouthguard. We will analyze your dental properties and provide you with a mouthguard that fits perfectly in your mouth. You can call us if you are involved in a contact sport, and you require a mouthguard.
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