Produce Snacks Are Best for Optimal Oral Health

Posted on 7/12/2021 by Dr. Saklofsky
Produce Snacks Are Best for Optimal Oral HealthWe all know that eating healthy vegetables are the best snacks that we can hope to eat for a healthy lifestyle. But what few people know is just how those vegetables affect our teeth and why we need to eat vegetables in order to have healthy teeth and bodies. The trick is to eat more fibrous vegetables and wash out your mouth after eating fruits.

Vegetable Produce

Fibrous vegetables are the best snacks for your dental health. They contain elements that help to scrub away plaque and tartar like a toothbrush. Meanwhile, their vitamins help to reinforce and protect the teeth themselves. For example, celery has fantastic scrubbing abilities due to its large fibers. As you eat it, it literally cleans your teeth. On the other hand, broccoli has a less fibrous body, but it is filled with vitamins that your teeth need to continue being strong and protected by continuous use.

Fruit Produce

Fruits are harder to justify as good dental snacks because many people find that they eat fruit in large quantities and then gain a cavity or two from fruit sugar. The key to eating fruit for your dental health is to eat the right fruit, and to wash your mouth out with water after eating it. For example, strawberries have huge benefits for your teeth. From their seeds helping to scour away stuck on plague to their proteins helping strengthen your enamel. However, if you eat a pound of them and then go to sleep for the night, that fruit sugar has stuck to your teeth and made you more vulnerable than you were before.

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