:Is It Necessary to Have a Crown After Root Canal Treatment?

Posted on 4/20/2020 by Dr. Saklofsky
:Is It Necessary to Have a Crown After Root Canal Treatment? At Lincoln Center Smiles, Dr.Brian Saklofsky, DMD and will recommend a crown treatment to protect your tooth. However, a crown is not necessary in each and every case after root canal treatment.

Why Crowns are Placed After Root Canal Treatment

Root canals save a tooth that has been decayed. However, the surgery can also weaken the tooth. If the pulp in the tooth chamber becomes infected or is not longer vital, we can preserve your tooth by performing a root canal treatment, removing the diseased pulp, and then filling the cavity. However, teeth which have large cavities become weak even when the cavity is filled. Additionally, root canal treatment removes the pulp, rendering the tooth non-vital. It will still survive by deriving nourishment from the surrounding tissues but it will lose strength and may become prone to fractures over time. Hence, for many root canal treatments placing a crown on top of the weakened tooth is standard practice. The crown not just restores the appearance of a natural tooth but also strengthen it.

When Is It Not Necessary To Add A Crown?

A crown may not be necessary if the tooth that has received root canal treatment is a relatively intact canine or incisor. This is because the teeth at the front of the mouth exert experience less pressure than molars and premolars since their function is not to chew. Therefore, only incisors and canines which have deep cavities and have been extensively drilled may need crown to give them protection. However, you might still prefer the improved appearance a crown offers. Premolars and molars that do not have large cavities may also only require filling after root canals, in a few cases. Silver amalgam or composite fillings can offer a permanent seal and strong chewing surface when the tooth isn't extensively damaged. Even after having a filling or a crown, your tooth does not become invulnerable to bacteria and decay. That is why it is extremely important to observe good daily oral hygiene or your tooth can get reinfected. If your tooth is decayed or damaged, call us at (503) 598-0898 and we will determine what treatment path to take.
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