Can Cavities Be Cured?

Posted on 12/20/2019 by Dr. Saklofsky
Can Cavities Be Cured?Cavities, commonly known as tooth decay, occurs when plaque combines with the sugars from the foods you eat to produce acids that damage and weaken the enamel. A cavity appears when the enamel gets completely broken down by the acids.

Tooth decay is a common oral disease that affects most people. If it is not treated early enough, the decay can spread through the entire tooth and completely damage it. What are the treatment options available for cavities?

Treatment For Cavities

There is no known cure for cavities. Treatment options usually include drilling out the decayed part and replacing it with a filling, getting a crown, and root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is only done when the decay has affected the nerves of the tooth such that they don't function anymore. In severe cases, you might need to have the tooth removed. The best way to fight cavities is to take preventive action and preserve your oral health.

The first step to preventing cavities is to have a good oral care routine. It is important to regularly brush and floss your teeth. Good brushing techniques can help prevent the buildup of plaque in your mouth. You can contact our office for a recommendation on the best dental care products to use for daily routine.

You should also watch what you eat. A balanced diet is good for your oral health. Try to reduce the consumption of foods that are high in sugars or starch as they feed the harmful bacteria in your mouth. Instead, increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. Also, remember to stay hydrated as a dry mouth is not good for your oral health.

If you suspect that you have cavities, it is advisable not to try home remedies. They can only worsen the situation. Instead, get in touch with our clinic for a checkup and proper treatment of the condition. Schedule an appointment with us today.
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