Ways of Keeping Your Smile Healthy While at Work

Posted on 10/30/2019 by Dr. Saklofsky
Ways of Keeping Your Smile Healthy While at WorkOral health is not just something to work on in the morning or before bed. In your day to work environment, you need to be paying attention to your teeth and gums, even while you're distracted with work.

It may not seem that easy to keep up with your oral care at the office, especially when you're busy with multiple tasks, or working long hours. There are ways you can sneak in small steps to protect your teeth and smile.

Tips to Stay Orally Healthy at Work

Don't let your ego get in the way. It is completely acceptable to brush your teeth at work. Keep a toothbrush and paste at work to use follow lunches will protect you from those after lunch sugar and acids working on your teeth. Keep a toothbrush, paste and dental floss stored in your work station, not in your purse or briefcase.

An Academy of General Dentistry survey found that you're 65 percent more likely to brush your teeth at the office if you use this strategy. Stay away from sugary drinks that can stick to your teeth, causing plaque to build. Pack mouthwash with you when you go to use the restroom. 30 seconds of mouthwash while using the restroom can refresh your mouth and kill lingering bacteria.

Eat and Snack Healthy

We all crave some snacks during the day while we are working. A healthy diet involves meals as well as healthy snacks in between. Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables. Crunch produce not only has more healthy fiber, but it's great for your teeth. If you can stay hydrated avoid sodas and too much coffee, sipping on water not only cleans your teeth but it produces saliva. Avoid dry mouth and staying hydrated keeps your pH level healthy.

When you bring the correct hygiene materials to your office you can establish a good routine during the day and eventually it just becomes second nature to once or twice throughout the day practice any or all of these suggestions. Our office is here to assist you in your oral care. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at any time. 
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