Advantages of Early Orthodontic Treatment

Posted on 1/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Girl with braces smiling after dental appointment at Lincoln Center Smiles in Portland, OREmbarking on the journey of orthodontic treatment is not just about achieving a set of straight teeth. It is a proactive investment in the overall oral well-being of your child. Early orthodontic treatment comes with a treasure trove of advantages that go beyond aesthetics. We discuss some below.

Mastering the Art of Chewing and Biting

Early orthodontic treatment sets the stage for your child to become a chewing and biting maestro. Misaligned teeth or bite issues can impact the efficiency of these fundamental functions, leading to discomfort and potential dental problems down the road. By addressing these concerns early on, orthodontic intervention ensures that their teeth align harmoniously, allowing for proper chewing and biting.

Nixes Poor Oral Habits

Thumb sucking and tongue thrusting may seem like innocent childhood habits, but when left unaddressed, they can wreak havoc on oral development. Early orthodontic treatment acts as a superhero cape, helping to nip these habits in the bud.

Halting Skeletal Issues in Their Tracks

Sometimes, beneath the surface, skeletal issues may be silently brewing. Early orthodontic treatment has the superpower to intercept and prevent these potential problems from manifesting fully. Whether it is an issue with the jaw size or position, addressing these concerns during the growth phase of your child allows for effective correction.

Jaw Growth GPS

The jaw is like a compass guiding the overall architecture of the face. Early orthodontic treatment acts as the GPS, ensuring that jaw growth follows a smooth and aligned trajectory. By addressing any discrepancies early on, orthodontists contribute to a balanced and proportional facial appearance.


Choosing early orthodontic treatment for your child is more than a journey to a straight smile. It is a strategic investment in their overall oral health and well-being. From mastering the art of chewing and biting to bidding farewell to troublesome oral habits, intercepting potential skeletal issues, and acting as the GPS for jaw growth, the advantages are vast and impactful.

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