5 Ways to Treat Bleeding Gums

Posted on 1/2/2024 by Weo Admin
Man holding jaw in pain before making an appointment at Lincoln Center Smiles in Portland, ORBleeding gums are a common dental problem. You might bleed from the gums during and after brushing your teeth. Sometimes, it occurs occasionally and does not require medical intervention. Other times, it can indicate an underlying problem like gum disease. It can also mean a more severe health concern. A dental professional can help diagnose and treat the issue before it escalates. Meanwhile, you can use the following tips to treat bleeding gums before seeing a dentist.

Adjust Your Oral Care Routine

Maintaining good oral care can help treat and prevent bleeding gums. However, a proper oral routine is not only about brushing and flossing. The technique you apply can make a difference in preventing gum bleeding. Brushing or flossing your teeth too aggressively can inflame the gums, causing them to bleed. Brush and floss correctly using the appropriate tools to prevent bleeding. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush or electric brush to brush your teeth gently.

Rinse with Warm Saltwater

An effective way to treat bleeding gums at home is to rinse your mouth with warm saltwater. Salt has antimicrobial properties that can help kill bacteria and remove plaque. Saltwater can also help expedite the healing process. You can also use antibiotic mouthwash to kill germs and prevent gingivitis from progressing.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Bleeding gums might be a sign of a nutritional deficiency. Your gums require the appropriate nutrients for optimal oral health. You can ensure healthy gums by eating more fruits and vegetables. Leafy greens have Vitamin K, which can help improve blood clotting and prevent bleeding.

Quit Smoking

Smoking has harmful effects on your health. It inhibits your gums from obtaining the nutrients they need to stay healthy. It also increases the likelihood of gum disease and oral cancer. Refraining from smoking can help stop your gums from bleeding.

Seek Periodontal Therapy

Contact a dentist immediately if the bleeding does not stop within two weeks. The earlier you seek help, the better for your oral health. Call us today to book an appointment for professional periodontal care.

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