Causes of Teeth Crowding

Posted on 5/22/2023 by Dr. Saklofsky
Causes of Teeth CrowdingTeeth are multi-functional tools that aid in speaking, chewing, and improving the facial structure and smile. However, teeth can sometimes grow at odd angles, a condition known as teeth crowding. If left untreated, crowded teeth can affect your speech, breathing, and biting. They can also increase the risk of plaque buildup, a leading factor of serious oral issues such as gum disease. In this case, knowing the possible causes of crowded teeth is vital so you can prevent it from occurring. Here they are:

Jaw Size

Jaw size plays a crucial role in the appearance of your teeth. For instance, people with small jaws are at high risk of developing teeth crowding. The jaw should have adequate space to accommodate all the teeth. A small jaw may be a genetic issue or it can result from childhood habits like mouth breathing. When a child breaths through the mouth and leaves the mouth open when sleeping, the tongue may not stay in the right place. This restricts the growth of the jaw muscles resulting in a narrow jaw. Luckily, some dental treatment options can help to fix a narrow jaw. This may involve an expander or jaw surgery.

Early Loss of Primary Tooth

Tooth decay is a common oral issue among kids. It can occur due to the consumption of sugary items such as sweets and soda. If left untreated, dental decay in kids can lead to tooth loss. While this may seem okay because the permanent teeth will replace them, losing teeth at an early age can affect how the permanent teeth will grow. When a baby loses their teeth, the remaining teeth will shift, hindering how the permanent teeth will erupt. In this case, proper oral hygiene for kids should be a priority.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

When there is not enough room for all the teeth to erupt, wisdom teeth will likely emerge at a wrong angle towards the surrounding teeth. This puts consistent force on the neighboring teeth causing them to shift, leading to teeth crowding. Do you want to start your journey of properly functioning teeth and a beautiful smile? Contact us today and discover how to get started.
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