How to Choose the Best Treatment Option for a Gummy Smile

Posted on 5/8/2023 by Dr. Saklofsky
How to Choose the Best Treatment Option for a Gummy SmileA gummy smile is a common oral issue that makes many people feel self-conscious about their smiles. The good thing is that you should not live with an unattractive smile since a dentist can help to treat this condition. However, with so many treatment options for excessive gingival display, you may feel overwhelmed when choosing one that matches your oral needs. The best treatment depends on the root cause of a gummy smile and the severity of the condition. In addition, a dentist can use a combination of different procedures to achieve the best results. Some of the best treatment options for excessive gingival display involve:

Crown Lengthening

Also known as crown lengthening, a gum lift is a popular treatment option for a gummy smile. A dentist may recommend this procedure when more gum tissues cover the teeth, making the teeth look shorter than usual. Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that involves removing excess gum tissues around the teeth and restructuring the gum line to be higher. This helps to retrieve gums to their usual position, hence, improving your smile.

Lip Repositioning

In some cases, the gums and teeth may be in the right proportion, but the lip may be hyperactive, exposing more gum tissues. When this happens, a dentist may perform lip surgery to reposition the lip. This involves small incisions under the upper lip to remove excess gum tissues to create a shorter lip. With this, the lip will not rise high as it used to, and it will cover more of the gums' tissues. In addition, a dentist may suggest Botox for hyperactive upper lips. This involves injections to limit the range of motion on the upper lip, reducing more gum tissue display.


If your gummy smile results from a bad bite, orthodontic treatment may be a good option. This may involve braces or Invisalign to align your smile. Do you want to correct your gummy smile and treat the underlying issues? Get in touch with us today, and our dentist will explain various treatment options for excessive gingival display.

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